25 Years Later

October, 2017

baptism Cristina and Vasile

Baptized by pastor Gigi Dobrin

By the grace of God, today we celebrate 25 years since, together with Cristina, we have made a covenant with Him by baptism. Since then, He has always been with us, reminding that it is not the comfortableness of the journey that matters, but our spiritual growth and most important, our destination.

Sunday morning, I was getting ready for a 400-km long journey towards a city where I was going to attend the baptism of Marius, one of the young people that we’ve started working with about three months ago. Since then, we’vMarius baptisme had many discussions on the phone, and experienced moments of deep fellowship together, but we’ve never seen each other.

It was a day filled with blessings from many points of view, but in the morning, when I was preparing my luggage, I had to search for some things that were still spread in different boxes. We’ve just moved in the new house and there are still many things to set in place, and it is going to take a little while until we can make room for everything.

As I was getting ready for the journey, a thought came to my mind, reminding me that when God prepares our luggage, we will miss nothing. He put in each one of us certain gifts and abilities, He gave us the map of His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that when we arrive to the destination, we will be able to rejoice in the prize of our heavenly calling.

path of faithToday, when each one of us is still working on his or her personal mission on the path of faith, I urge you to stop for a moment and look back, so that, as you see the way in which God has blessed you up to this point, you would find courage for the trip waiting ahead of you.

Thank you for being my companion on this path. Thank you for every encouragement and prayer lifted for us and for our mission. And I pray that God would bless you in ways that He alone is capable of.

In Christ,

Vasile Holerga


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