Our Mission Statement

Equipping Passionate Disciples To Reproduce Core Values In Many Lives.

Main candidates

How can we describe in a sentence the profile of our candidates?

Poor, but special

Poor, but beautiful souls; youths that bear their poverty, or problems with dignity; still having that spark of hope.

Preparing them

How can we quickly describe this preparation process?

Diamond slag removal

Advising, encouraging, teaching them to make right choices under God's personal guidance. The aim is not conformity to some programme or profile that we have in mind, it is to walk with them ever closer to Christ where each of us may discover more of our unique place in His Kingdom.

Equipping them

How can we describe the purpose of this equipping process?

Rescued to become rescuers

We want our rescued to become rescuers, in a system where they will also continue to grow.

Reproducing core values

What do we mean by that? What do we want to empower our disciples?

To multiply spiritual values

To multiply and share in an ongoing cycle the spiritual values that generated their support.

Our Mission Explained

Even a soldier with great potential will be ineffective if he has not been properly equipped. We see in Ephesians 6:11-17 the equipment of the spiritual soldier and we want to see our disciples being ready for life’s challenges. We also want to help them from a vocational point of view, to be ready to “work, doing something useful with their own hands, that they may have something to share with those in need.” (Eph.4:28).

In some cases we may need to help them in different ways, including financially right before finding a job, or starting a vocational course. In some cases we’ll start helping them during the first months after they found a job, or after they started a course.

The road leading to effectiveness is long and full of surprises, but one of the most important constants on this route is passion.

The process of selection for the new disciples is not based so much on their performance level, but on their desire and passion to leverage the chance that God offers them, to become an active element of His spiritual body, exercising the spiritual gifts that He invested in their lives. The 12 disciples were simple people, but they allowed God to remove the dross in their lives and to be polished so they finally shone like diamonds in His Kingdom.

As a conclusion, we need to start from passion if we want to reach effectiveness.

We often tend to make following Jesus easy and comfortable, diluting the expectations: “You don’t have to do anything. Just believe!” But our Lord isn’t looking for converts. He is looking for disciples, meaning believers who are willing to confess their faith and to be used by God to reproduce in a spiritual sense, their convictions in other people’s lives.

We have talked about the important things that these disciples will be called upon to achieve; linked to their capacity to reproduce abundantly fundamental values in many lives. Certain activities or methods may be helpful, but of little value if the personal walk with God is not right. When it comes to reproduction we consider primarily the twin ideas of vitality and power because only a vital being can reproduce, can be recreated and replicated in other lives.

Our values are inspired by the Spirit of God and because of that they have the power to perpetuate when they are planted carefully in an open heart, they may give rise to transformed lives, carrying the ability to germinate forward and at their turn to the ends of the Earth.

We are talking primarily about spiritual values, social, educational values that underlie the development of qualities required for any human being, this is why we call them fundamental, or core values, but we know that from these elements we can expect to see developing other more visible outcomes or values

We do not believe the quantitative approach (counting people or things achieved) is always an expression of effectiveness, especially when we talk about spiritual matters, but we do not minimize the importance of applying such measures, having in mind that God’s Word presents it as a performance criterion in certain passages.

We recognize that building well takes time, we understand that God has called us to this work, we are asking  God to work in many people’s lives to the extent that through this mechanism one generation of disciples will establish then next generation, making our vision their mission.


We are here to help our trainees become all they were created to be

  • Customized career path planning and education

  • Spiritual training

  • Leadership and personal development